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How to Find Beach Houses for Sale in Oceanside Ca

How to Find Beach Houses For Sale Oceanside CA

beach homes for sale in oceanside, ca

In this quickly evolving market finding the right beach houses for sale in Oceanside CA can be quite a task. If a property is priced right it will have multiple offers within 4 or 5 days. The keys to winning a bid on beach houses for sale in Oceanside CA are as follows:

  • Be financially qualified and pre approved for a loan.
  • Communicate your needs/wants effectively.
  • Work with a qualified agent that understands the market.
  • Act immediately- once notified about a property take action.
  • You can work remotely. Everything subject to inspections.

Financially Qualified to Purchase Beach Houses for Sale in Oceanside CA

In order to successfully package you as the strongest buyer in the pool there are a few things you can do to separate yourself from the other buyers. 

If you are a cash buyer then prepare a recent bank statement showing that all funds are immediately available. Even if you aren’t a cash buyer then this is an important document when presenting an offer to show that you have ample funds available to cover the down payment and closing costs.

If you are obtaining a loan, don’t just get pre-qualified, get fully pre-approved for your maximum loan amount subject to finding the property. This way you can lock your loan rate upon acceptance and your loan is ready subject to an appraisal and final documentation requirements.

When you have a loan pre-approval as long as the subject property will appraise for the purchase amount then you are equal to a cash buyer.

Communicate Your Needs and Wants Effectively

There are a number of different types of beach houses for sale in Oceanside CA. The key is determining what scenario you are looking for:

  • Is this a home you will live in year round?
  • Is this a second home?
  • Do you want to rent out your beach home to create some income?
  • How much income would you like to generate from this property?

The are oceanfront beach houses for sale in Oceanside CA that although pricey can bring in quite a hefty vacation rental income, especially in the high season. The high season runs from the end of June to the end of August, depending on what restrictions you property may have these can rent out for well over $1000.00 a night or more.

Some condo complexes on or near the beach allow for weekly rentals versus the normal 30 day minimum rentals. With the expansion of Airbnb and VRBO along with a large number of people in Southern California that are deciding to do local staycations the income that you can generate from your beach house is substantial. You might wish to add an ADU (Additional Dwelling Unit) to create more income.

Your wants, needs and desires all come in to play on selecting the right beach houses for sale in Oceanside CA.

Working With a Qualified Agent That Understands the Market

In North San Diego County there are approximately 6000 real estate agents. Selecting the right agent comes down to two main components. You are hiring them to know the values. You are hiring them to successfully negotiate the entire transaction from start to finish.

You aren’t hiring them to just open doors for you or to get handed off to different people within the transaction. The average sold price for beach houses for sale in Oceanside CA is approximately $900,000 to $1,000,000. You deserve the best listener, the best communicator and the very best negotiator.

Act Immediately-Once Notified About a Property take Action

In such a fast moving market it is vital to your success in being the top choice of offers to be quick and decisive. Often the buyers who have lost out on other available listings are the ones who act quickly because they have lost properties “they really wanted-but over analyzed”. 

Properly packaging you as a strong buyer with all financial requirements done up front along with being able to move quickly on the best available beach houses for sale in Oceanside CA, will create a winning scenario for you.

You Can Work Remotely. Everything Subject to Inspections.

We can structure the offer so that it is contingent upon your visual inspection and your physical inspection. If need be I can physically go to the property and video a showing for you. In this new buying environment the rules have changed and working remotely is very simple. If you wish to be successful with your offer, both you and your agent must be willing to go the extra mile and act quickly.

The Next Step in Buying a Beach Houses for Sale in Oceanside CA.

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